Professional customs clearance of goods: preliminary classification of goods, assistance in registration with the customs authorities for participants of foreign trade activities.

The procedure of customs clearance is one of the most difficult steps in the conduct of foreign economic activity. It involves the collecting and execution of a number of documents (for more information on the legislative nuances of international cargo transportation, you can read in the reference section of our website(здесь ссылка), and this process is not always carried out effectively by entrepreneurs who have not previously encountered the nuances of customs control during the import and export of goods across the border of the Customs Union .

It is for this reason that the “Customs clearance” service is steadily growing in popularity among participants of foreign economic activity - both among residents of Russia and among players of the international commodity market who trade with Russian companies.

Transservice Co.,LTD is ready to provide you with a full range of professional customs clearance services: our experts will assist you in registering with the customs authorities, carry out a preliminary classification of goods and advise you on the specifics of customs clearance in your particular product group. In addition, they are ready, if necessary, to carry out the definition of a customs post and provide forwarding services.
Customs clearance